Possibly, a beginning: “I woke up. I stood up. And I began walking.”

Like a secret in water, there’s a memory to be delivered into air. From cascade to the ocean. It is just one part of the cycle. Impermanent, the present. My present.

As a kid, I liked books with “stuff” inside. Confetti, mirrors, tricks, … Later, I became interested in visual poetry mainly from Joan Brossa works. Since then, I like to play with words, stretching their muscle, bending their spine. Sort of yoga for words. It liberates my creativity from “number-crunching” as a scientist. Both worlds complement nicely with each other. This blog is just an attempt to it. [Without the confetti].

Jaume lives in Atlanta, GA. Son of a moving day, he moved from his natal Barcelona long time ago …



2 Responses to About

  1. m’agrada com estires les paraules, com jugues amb elles, felicitats Jaume!!!

  2. Jaume Jorba says:

    Moltissimes gracies Francina pels teus comentaris. Content que t’agradi!

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