Autumn Parade

Opening my eyes,

this blinding light comes in,

its colors, its sounds,

its gradient within.


Closing my eyes,

this blinding light still persists,

now touching inside

every cell of me that exists.


Yet, I’m just a shape,

floating where heat and cold mix,

in the middle of ups and downs,

riding me

without being minimally fit.


Yet, I’m a clumsy leaf,

in the middle of this vast playground,

celebrating life,

celebrating death,

as autumn welcomes the burlesque.


At the Halloween parade,

as shapes begin to melt,

and become utterly grotesque,

a gypsy mask closes the charade.


Dancing, singing, cursing;

the mask shakes our beings at will,

for what its creepy message rings:

Energy is again free!


As the sun declines down the sky,

towards the lowest winter point,

where matter disjoints,

all is left is our soul alone.


At this very point,

filling the shape,

filling the form,

a new light will be next,

and a new sun will be born.


Not too smart

to fully understand,

I’ll wait by this fence

until the next cycle

of absurd beginnings and ends.

November 2009


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