Tallulah Falls

Touched by breathtaking cliffs,

energized by playful waterfalls,

lifted by a soaring eagle,

moved by Indian flute music.


My journey stumbled upon the power of nature,

fragile yet unnerved by my presence,

mother nature, the eternal giver,

sculpted my awakening.


Tallulah Falls,

whispering ancient little secrets,

touched my hand,

invited and welcomed my coming home.


At the top of the cliff, looking down,

I cried, and laughed, and played with my senses,

looking for balance,

and I let this brief moment flew through me.


Suddenly, amid music and smoke from a bonfire,

an unknown voice whispered to me:

“Let unique moments embrace you

but don’t try to own them.

They freely come with the dawn,

they must leave at dusk,

learn and grow from them,

and like music, share them with the wind”.


I felt a spark of life,

almost imperceptible,

reaping my heart apart,

exposing its loving and painful message.


I hit an Indian bell,

placed up on a hill,

and while hitting it with all my energy,

I thanked Tallulah Falls and wished her good luck.


Now, paddling my own canoe down the river,

I reflect on all recent Tallulah Falls I stumbled upon,

that are caring for my long, long journey,

in this, my short cycle of existence.

And I thank them all with a smile, in case I missed any.


One Response to Tallulah Falls

  1. Francina says:

    M’agrada molt Jaume, deixat anar…………. a raig………. com deia la mama!!

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